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Maintaining your home: Curb Appeal

10.09.2020 | Articles For Homeowners

Curb Appeal

You spend a lot of time and effort maintaining your home, so it’s frustrating when your neighbour doesn’t even bother to mow the lawn or fix that broken window. Not only is it an eyesore, but the unkempt property could also potentially bring down your home’s curb appeal and, therefore, its value. Here are some ways to resolve this tricky situation.

Ask if they need help

There may be a good reason why your neighbour hasn’t kept up their home’s appearance. He or she may be suffering from an injury that prevents him or her from performing any strenuous activity, or he or she may not be able to afford to hire someone to fix the problem. Be a kind neighbour and ask if you can help out in any way. Your neighbour may just be grateful for the extra hand.

Talk to them in person

Sometimes the best way to resolve a problem is to talk to your neighbour in person, even if it’s an uncomfortable and sensitive subject. There’s no easy way to tell your neighbour that their home is an eyesore, so soften the news by offering a small gift such as a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.

Contact Your Local Government

If the problem is so bad that your neighbour has completely ignored repeated requests, you may be able to get the city to resolve the problem for you. Some municipalities enforce local codes requiring homeowners to keep their property in tip-top shape, such as not letting the grass exceed a certain number of inches. The city would send the neighbour a written notice and if the owner fails to comply, the city may step in to fix the problem and send the owner a bill.

Put up a barrier

If you’d rather separate your home entirely from your neighbour, consider installing a fence or planting tall trees so you don’t have to see the offending property. Plus, the increased sense of privacy might be very appealing to would-be buyers.

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