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An Essential Factor in Your Home’s Sale

The process of home staging is meant to suit a potential buyer’s exact tastes – and it’s proven to be a great way to bring out the unique qualities of your home.

Home staging is a professional service which creates an atmosphere and aesthetic for your home to make it appear more livable for the average buyer – and more memorable in their home search.

When selling your home, staging it is one of the most important things you can do to help your bottom line – let us “set the stage” and explain why.

Our Keys to Home Staging

All it takes are four key concepts to make home staging work…


We focus on creating lasting impressions on buyers – by staging your home to minimize imperfections, de-clutter, and minimize risk by maximizing the look and feel of your home.


Your home’s special features require added attention and emphasis to bring them out in front of buyers. Staging does exactly that – calling attention where it belongs.


Personal objects in a home are like white noise for potential buyers: distracting. We work to de-personalize through staging, so that anyone can imagine it as their dream home.


The proof is right there – homes that are staged sell faster and for more money, because they attract more buyer interest, engagement, and help create competition for your home.

It’s All in the Numbers

We’re such big believers in the power of home staging, we cover the cost to make your sale even more successful. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, properties on the market sell dramatically faster when staged.

How much faster? In a study conducted with 174 homes, where it took 156 homes before the sellers decided to stage – the homes, after staging, sold in only 42 days. That’s a third of the time compared to before staging!

Not only will buyers love the look of your home, you’ll love it, too – staging truly brings out the best in your home.

“Françoise staged our home so well I was tempted to stay. We had lots of interest and our home sold on the first day it was placed on the market with several offers… We really appreciate all of Françoise’s efforts in being there for us during all the offers and negotiations”

- Kevin & Shirley

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Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Take advantage of our staging services and sell for more money, in less time. Let’s talk about marketing plans today.
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