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Staging Your Home for a Successful Sale

10.10.2020 | Articles For Homeowners

Whether you’re staging your home for a sale or buying your first home, staging can help make the house feel like a home. Here’s how to stage your home for a successful sale.

How To Stage Your Home for a Successful Sale?

Many real estate agents work with professional stagers to help homeowners prepare their homes to be sold. They remove personal items and clutter so that any potential buyers can imagine themselves in the space. I’ve helped many clients get started with their own staging by offering tips and advice they practice right away.

If you’ve just purchased your home, you’ll start to see it as a sanctuary for you and your family. At the same time, it’s a reflection of your personality and attitude so although you want it to be cozy and warm, why not add a dash of fun while you’re at it? 

Here are the 5 Tips on How to Stage Your Home for a Successful Sale

Choose a great colour scheme

It usually makes things easier if you start with a neutral palette as a base and build on that. For example, soft whites, beiges and blues for the foundation and then accent with vibrant pops of colours like reds, yellows, and purples. Using these eye-catching colours in art, cushions or vases not only lifts your spirit, they also are easily changeable when you are in the mood for something different.

Create functional areas with lighting

I’m amazed at how different a space can look simply by the choice of lighting. Dimmers can be installed to give you mood options and task lights can be focused on a treasured piece of artwork. There’s been a lot of change in the world of lighting so you can even save energy by installing efficient compact fluorescents or LED lights. Areas like kitchens and bathrooms will need bright task lights for those key areas where you need to see clearly.

Let your nose in on the act

When I visit a new client’s home, it becomes obvious if they own a pet. You want to avoid that! Scents are very impactful and if you are trying to sell your home and the only thing the buyer remembers is that there was a ‘funny smell’ you’ll regret not having taken action. There are many fragrance products on the market to help mask odours or remove them completely but if you prefer a more natural approach try adding a big bouquet of fragrant flowers to your table or baking a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies.

Encourage knocks at the door

The first impression of your home happens before anyone sets foot in the door. In fact, the first impression might actually BE the front door. Have you thought about freshening it up with a new coat of paint? Are you brave enough to give it a striking red or yellow to be the most noticeable on the street?  If you’re planning on going to the effort of updating your front door, consider replacing the hardware as well. This can make a huge difference in the appearance and the security of your front entrance.

Every home can have curb appeal

If you stand in the street and look at your house, what do you see? Sometimes it’s hard to be objective, but if you take a close look you might observe that the landscaping and garden could use a bit of work. Maybe there are cracks in the driveway that should be fixed. Perhaps it looks nice and you want it to look awesome. Simple fixes or artistic additions such as wall hangings, sculptures or beautiful plants can simply transform the outside appearance of your home. This is where you can get creative and truly make your house a home.

Do you have other ideas for making your house feel like a home? 

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