First-Time Home Buyer Land Transfer Tax Rebate

Land Transfer Tax Rebate as a First-Time Home Buyer

01.17.2020 | Articles For Homebuyers

Unlock the Benefits of the Land Transfer Tax Rebate

When it comes to land transfer tax, first-time home buyers in Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, and anywhere in the GTA have a valuable advantage: the Land Transfer Tax Rebate. Ever felt overwhelmed by the looming closing costs? Let this rebate come to your financial rescue. For a detailed breakdown of how this tax works, you can refer to the official page of the Ontario Ministry of Finance

Decoding the Land Transfer Tax Rebate

When you’re about to secure your dream home in the GTA, the last thing you need is hefty taxes. Fortunately, your real estate lawyer typically uses an electronic land registration system to process necessary tax documents. This mechanism automatically applies your rebate, ensuring you save on those final expenses. And if for some reason this automatic application misses, you have the option to claim your rebate later on.

Comparing Toronto vs. Mississauga

Now, here’s where it gets intriguing. Both the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto impose separate Land Transfer Taxes, with first-time homebuyers eligible for rebates in both jurisdictions. For those purchasing within Toronto’s boundaries, it’s essential to note that there’s a distinct municipal tax in addition to the provincial one. Learn more about Toronto’s Municipal Land Transfer Tax for a comprehensive understanding. Using a property valued at $900,000 as an example:

  • Toronto: After considering both provincial and municipal taxes, a first-time buyer is looking at a combined Land Transfer Tax of $28,400. However, the available rebates can reduce this amount by $8,000, leading to a net tax of $20,400.
  • Mississauga: Since Mississauga doesn’t impose a municipal tax, only the provincial tax of $14,200 applies. With the rebate, this amount is reduced by $4,000, resulting in a net tax of $10,200.

Steps to Secure Your Rebate

To capitalize on this significant refund, ensure you have:

  • Registered Conveyance Copy
  • Completed Land Transfer Tax Refund Affidavit for First-Time Homebuyers
  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale (With All Schedules and Amendments)
  • Proof of Tax Payment Upon Registration
  • Statement of Adjustments
  • New Home Warranty Certificate by Tarion (If Applicable)

Seeking Expert Guidance? We’re Here for You

If the home-buying process feels intimidating, remember you’re not alone. With the expertise of the Keith and Françoise Real Estate Team, first-time buyers receive top-notch guidance at every step. From understanding rebates to optimizing your budget, we’re your partners in this exciting journey.

Ready to dive into the world of home ownership in the GTA? Reach out today by calling 416-451-2592 or by emailing and let’s make your dream home a reality!


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