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Investment Properties…What you need to know before buying a rental property

09.15.2011 | Real Estate Articles

Purchasing a home to live in is quite different from purchasing a property to invest in. For the majority of us, purchasing a home to live in tends to insight a lot of emotions. With investment properties it is important to leave your emotions behind, and focus more on the financial aspect. Don’t forget that the objective of purchasing an investment property is to make money. Here are few things to take into consideration before purchasing a rental property:

1. How much can I afford?

2. Should I use my own money or borrow to invest? What are my options?

3. What type of tenants do I want to attract?

4. What type of rental property makes a good investment?

5. Is the rental property I am about to purchase a good deal?

6. Is the rental property I am about to purchase situated in a good location?

7. What is my investment strategy?

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