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How Tech is Making Home Showings Possible During a Pandemic

05.07.2020 | Articles For Homeowners

As Ontario’s economy slowly reopens, there’s reason to be optimistic. At the same time, COVID-19 is still a significant health concern—which indicates we must all stay vigilant to keep our communities healthy. That means doing most things, including selling homes, differently. Luckily for those who have to sell now, the digital world is making it possible to show, sell, and close from home.

If you’re planning to sell your home, here’s how technology can help you do so in the age of social distancing.

Virtual showings

While many buyers won’t commit to purchasing a home until they’ve seen it in person, most are more than happy to attend a virtual tour beforehand. That’s great news for you as a seller. Going the virtual route ensures that those who come to see your space are serious buyers—and cuts down on the number of people entering your home during the pandemic.

There are a few different platforms you can use to show your home, but we suggest FaceTime for Mac users. It’s incredibly easy to use, and it provides a high-quality video that makes buyers feel like they’re getting an in-person experience (well, almost). To reach as many home hunters as possible, you can even set up a virtual open house!

Digital interactions

There’s a whole lot of communication that goes into a successful home sale. You’ll need to be in regular contact with your agent to discuss offers and negotiations, and receive feedback on your property. At various points during the process, you’ll also need to be in touch with buyers, their representatives, and other professionals.

Fortunately, digital technology can keep everyone in the loop. While we’re happy to communicate in whatever way you’re most comfortable, the video-conferencing capabilities of Zoom and Skype are ideal. These apps allow several different parties to talk face-to-face, providing a level of connection you can’t get over the phone.

Digital document signing

There’s no shortage of paperwork to complete when you’re selling a home. While now isn’t the time to meet up with your agent (or your lawyer, or anyone else involved in your sale), you can ensure that everything gets filled out correctly from the comfort of your home.

Digital signing apps offer a secure solution. We use DocuSign because it’s quick and convenient—perfect for when you need to dot your I’s and cross your t’s remotely.

In-person showings

What happens when a buyer wants to tour your home in person? It’s possible to arrange a more traditional showing, so long as everyone takes precautions. That means making sure the buyer has viewed your property virtually beforehand, and that they take the potential threat of COVID-19 seriously.

Additional forms for you and your potential buyers, new instructions for those who enter your home, and disinfecting protocols should all be part of the home showing process. Ask your agent what steps they’re taking to help protect everyone involved.

Selling a home during the pandemic comes with some complications, but it’s certainly not impossible. The first step is talking to an experienced agent who’s committed to health, safety, and your success.

Preparing to sell your home? Reach out to learn how we can help you meet your selling objectives!

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