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5 Reasons to Invest in St. Catharines Real Estate

08.11.2020 | Articles For Investors

It’s one of the finest cities in Ontario. It’s clean, friendly, and (with its many trails and green spaces) downright beautiful. We’re talking about St. Catharines. While the area becomes more appealing by the day, it still tends to get overlooked by real estate investors. We think that’s a shame. The truth is, there’s no shortage of opportunity in the Garden City—so long as you know where to look.

Here are five reasons why you should think about investing in St. Catharines real estate…

1) The numbers work

Some markets are far from affordable. You could wait forever to save up enough for a prime piece of Toronto real estate—and many investors do! That said, there are other options, and most of them will allow you to get in the game (and start collecting monthly passive income) sooner. St. Catharines real estate is a great alternative. By spending less money to invest in a stable, growing community, you can start building your wealth slowly—and scale when the time is right.

2) The right property types

For many investors, it pays to find a property that can act as a family’s “starter home.” This is often a great strategy to help ensure a healthy return when you sell. Fortunately for St. Catharines investors, the city has an abundance of real estate that could work perfectly for these purposes. For example, you’ll find plenty of well-maintained bungalows—something that’s far less common in markets like Toronto. The bottom line: if you want to think beyond townhouses, this is a great place to do it!

3) Demand for housing

It’s common knowledge that demand for housing in Toronto is sky-high. What many investors don’t know is, there’s also no shortage of areas beyond the GTA seeing steady population growth. The Niagara Region, and St. Catharines in particular, are among them. The city has an impressive tourism industry, thanks to its vibrant downtown and charming attractions. That’s why the number of visitors who have decided to become locals is growing—and it’s expected to soar in the years ahead.

4) A more convenient lifestyle

St. Catharines has a solid infrastructure, and a big part of that has to do with recent GO transit expansion. Regular weekday service has made living in the area more convenient than ever—and from an investor perspective, it’s been a gamechanger. Families who have never considered a move to St. Catharines or the Niagara region are starting to take a closer look. In the future, efficient commutes to the GTA will continue to attract new buyers.

5) Qualified renters and buyers

Niagara’s economy is strong. The creation of many new jobs has brought more gainfully-employed workers to the area—and they need somewhere to live. They’re renting homes, and (in many cases) getting ready to buy. As the local economy becomes even more diversified (thanks to smaller manufacturers, growth in hospitality, and the expansion of other industries), there will be no shortage of qualified tenants and buyers in St. Catharaines in the years ahead!

Thinking about buying a home as an investment in the near future? Reach out to learn what’s happening in the market—and what it means for you.

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